Tattoos and Their Owners

9 Q’s for Tattoos

In case you find yourself curious to seek out the tales and hidden (usually they’re not so hidden) meanings of the tattoos on your friends and family, let me reveal to you my outlines for interviews. 

  1. Can you give me a physical description of your tattoos?

Due to our unfortunate circumstances, all interviews will be completed over FaceTime. All photos will be taken by the interviewees and shared with credits. This question eliminates any room for false interpretation.

2. Who inspired the tattoo? Did they design it? If not, who did?

This is the ‘who’ portion of the 5 W’s. Sometimes it’s not a ‘who’ that inspired the tattoo, it’s a ‘what’ such as a favorite flower or a favorite mountain range. Nonetheless, that’s why we’re here! Hear the tales and adventures of the ink that covers our loved ones. What’s the meaning behind the lilies down your forearm?

3. How long did you think about the tattoo before you went in for the appointment? Walk me through the decision process.

Sometimes it’s 20 minutes, sometimes it’s 2 years. Neverless, they’ll stay where they are forever! Unless, of course, you decide to remove it. But if you’re already thinking about tattoo removal, maybe you should keep thinking about whether or not you really want a tattoo.

4. Tell me about the day you got it. Who went with you?

Most interviewees brought a friend for moral support, and highly recommend you do the same!

5. What does it make you think about when you see it? How does it make you feel?

Happy? Nostalgic? remorseful? As if you could fly? As if a cherry tree is growing in your stomach? As if someone you love isn’t so far away?

6. Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about getting a tattoo? If you had to give a ‘how-to’ on picking, getting (where to go, who to take with you), and caring for a tattoo, what steps come to mind?

Hey, if we learn to overcome a low pain tolerance and commitment issues long enough to pick and love a tattoo, this will be good to know.

7. What are the most common questions you hear about your tattoos? Which ones are the most annoying?

It’s called using your resources.

8. Did you keep any tattoos a secret? From who and why? Who had the best reaction to it?

My sister kept her wrist tattoo a secret from Mom for 1 year and from Dad for 2 1/2 years. Both of their fury-filled reactions were GOLD. I mean, ‘grab the popcorn and treat yourself to an extra pump of butter because this will be worth it’ kind of entertainment.

9. Tell me about your perfect ‘showing off the tattoo outfit.’

There’s always one. It always slays. I’ll be sure to add their picture to their post.

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