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How to Pick Your first Tattoo: 5 W’s to Consider

Who, what, when, where, why?

If you’re considering your first tattoo, you most likely considering the 5 W’s. Here are some tips and ideas from tattoo veterans.


Who are the best artists around? If you’re searching for the best studio, Mickey B. recommends finding a tattoo parlor that has at least a $100 minimum. Most artists will have their portfolios available to the public, so take a look! Just like painters or musicians, each tattoo artist has their own ‘look.’ Find an artist whose strengths reflect the tattoo you’re looking for.


Design, design, design. The design of your tattoo should be something you love! Something that, Draven H. says, “enhances the beauty of the human form.” If you’re having trouble picking a certain image, ask a friend to draw it, talk to your artist or try! They feature every tattoo and trend you can imagine. 


How long should you think about it? Some of the most beautiful tattoos were selected on a whim. But most veterans recommend you wait a month before going in. Sydney W. suggests making your tattoo your phone background! If you aren’t sick of it after a month, go get your tattoo.


Where on your body should you put it? Placement is important. Consider pain levels and how visible the tattoo will be. Click here to find the most painful spots to put tattoos. Kennedy D. recommends picking a spot you can cover up if you want and show off when you want. She selected her ankle and the top of her forearm. Visible and easily covered by socks or long sleeves.


If you want your tattoo to have a story, think about why you’ve selected it. Is it in honor of someone you love dearly? Would they love it too? Does it remind you of a favorite place? Tia M. picked an anchor and ocean wave that reminds her of her home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

Even if you selected your tattoo without an intricate backstory, make sure it’s something beautiful that you love! None of my interviewees regret spending a little more $$ on their tattoos. They love them! You’ll love yours. It will be yours forever.

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