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Color or B&W? With meaning or for fun? I asked tattoo veterans for their opinions on popular tattoo issues. Before you go to the studio for your first tattoo, you should decide where you stand.

Color or B&W? 

Pro: Color tattoos can be fun and beautiful. There are a lot of options too, drawing the eye straight to that piece of art on your body. They aren’t for nonchalant tattoo enthusiasts. 

Con: Mickey B. says they’re wonderful and she even considered them herself but opted against it. The colors fade and can turn brown or yellow. Color tattoos require far more touch ups and trips back to the studio. For fashionistas, like Draven H, there’s the trouble of matching outfits to the tattoo.

Should tattoos show in the workplace?

Pro: As time rolls on, people care a lot less. About most things yes, but especially about your tattoos. Even business woman, Corinne B, found that she received little to no judgement about her tattoos at work. 

Con: This does change based on industry. Alex K. used to model and having tattoos was considered taboo. 

For the most part, the unprofessional stigma around tattoos is fading! Tattoos are left to your own preferences. If you’re nervous about placement, take a look at Kennedy D’s advice.

Should all tattoos have meaning?

Pro: Dominique L. recommends picking a design with meaning because they are an investment and a bit of a hassle to take care of. Tattoos with meaning become a way to start conversations with new friends you hadn’t considered before. 

Con: You can pick a tattoo for the love of the design! Alex K. says that even if the tattoo doesn’t have a meaning, it will always have a story behind it. You’ll remember picking the design and your trip to the studio.

Are tattoos a reflection of you?

Not all designs reflect the person who wears them, but the way you care for and talk about your tattoo will tell a little something about how you take care of yourself. All my interviewees say keep it hydrated and pick a design that you’ll be confident to talk about.

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