Tattoos and Their Owners

Dominique L.

Mattew 18:21-22, “Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times”

The gimmick of this verse is not to do math. It is to ground the idea of uncalculated forgiving. Forgive someone so many times that you lose count. Not naive in nature or weak in spirit. Forgiving another has proven to be one of the most difficult actions to take in human history. Especially as generations become less patient and more used to ‘ghosting’ and being left on read. Now imagine doing it seventy time seven times.

In the words of Owen Wilson, wow. 

On the forearm of one Dominique L. reads “70 X 7.” Some do the math. Others ask for the meaning. Most Christians instantly know.

Photo Credit: Dominique LaCroix

Dominique studies religious and theological studies at The King’s College. An enneagram type 8 with a big heart, she is eager to share her passions. She rolls up her sleeves so everyone can see her tattoo. When she catches a glimpse of it, she’s overfilled with love, happiness, and a reminder that she is not alone in her devotion to her faith.

“It’s cool to think about Peter the apostle and how he was very loud and talked out of turn and did things his own way. [In this verse] Jesus reminds him to continue loving until you don’t have a record of it anymore.”

This makes the concept of eternity a little bit tangible. During this earthly life, it’s hard to practice what will truly last forever. For Dominique, she has come to learn once you love someone, you forgive them. And then you keep going. However that may look. Conventional or extraordinary. You just keep going.

Photo Credit: Dominique LaCroix

When this practice first entered her life, it felt unfamiliar. Similar to Peter, she learned how to embrace her natural tendency to be headstrong and forward while also holding true to her spiritual role and being graceful. She navigated her impulse to hold grudges. The more she practiced, the smoother the process became. No checking off boxes or moving blankly through the motions. Forgiveness came full circle, even when it hurt the most, healing and strengthening relationships with her friends and family. 

Forgiving until it was incalculable.

Dominique is proud to have selected and purchased her tattoo as an investment just for herself! She wears her tattoo in the same fashion that she talks about her faith, New York, and her friends: bold and fearless.

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