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7 of the Internet’s Favorite Tattoo Trends

Tattoo artists continue to build on their craft and create new techniques and styles, many of which can help you design the perfect tattoo. I searched the web to find the most popular tattoo trends. I pulled the biggest hits from the web and brought them onto one page for your browsing.


Artists use the skin as negative space to create a dramatic contrast. According to Tattoodo, popular Blackwork styles include engraving, dark art and illustrative.


Thisistattoo provides a great list of 100 dotwork tattoo ideas, such as the shading on this elephant! Artists create pieces composed entirely of dots! Most often, dot work makes great Mandelas or accents to other surrounding tattoos in a full sleeve. This technique is also known as stippling.

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These tattoos are the most common among younger generations of tattoo owners. This style can be seen in Corinne B.’s ‘agápé’ tattoo.

Photo Credit: Corinne Boonstra


Drawings are copied applied straight to the skin. Illustrative tattoos covers a myriad of tattoo techniques. This style allows for the client to pick a very unique tattoo drawn by anyone.


Quotes, notes, and scripture. 2020 trends keep the words that mean the most as close to your heart as possible. Artists often create their own fonts or you can pick one from an online font generator. This can be seen in Kennedy D.’s ‘I love, love, love you so’ tattoo.

Photo Credit: Kennedy Dickie


A watercolor tattoo takes paint from the canvas to the skin. Not literally, but it sure looks like it! Allure selected their 23 favorite watercolor tattoos, including this mountain below. They are often inspired by nature and other paintings by famous artists.

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Realism tattoos are different from watercolor and illustrative tattoos because they are inspired by real objects and people. The artists will create a piece that is SCARY realistic… might make you do a double take. Tattoodo does a great job of exploring realism tattoos and discover this (b)Abe!

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These trends stand alone quite beautifully, but can also be combined to create a masterpiece. Most King’s students select one image rather than completing a full sleeve, but there are endless possibilities for the details of even the tiniest tattoo!

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