Tattoos and Their Owners

Mickey B.

Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà stands in Sforzesco Castle in Milan, Italy. As a mother holds the weight of her son, marble seems to transform into flesh. In Mickey B’s case, marble quite literally becomes flesh as she wears this image as a tattoo on her left bicep. This one of a kind tattoo draws the eye in and opens dialogues about Christ. Friends ask her to roll up her sleeve so they can admire it for a third, fourth, or fifth time. Her version of the Rondanini Pietà isn’t her only tattoo featuring her faith. Like a roadmap, her tattoos mark significant moments in Mickey’s journey with Christ.

Photo Curtesy: Mikela Baker

She’s a dancer, Christian, and coffee enthusiast. Throughout high school she dedicated 20-24 hours a week to dance, fine tuning her skills. Unfortunately, knee pain set in making each step riskier and more painful than the last. An MRI showed two torn meniscui and the looming threat of a premature end to her dance career. Very unexpectedly, when she found herself in the most pain, she also found Christ. She did not anticipate her injury to be a gift and a reunion with Christ. Multiple surgeries and 10 months of physical therapy later, Mickey danced again. This time to the song “Reborn” by Kids See Ghosts. 

Photo Credit: Mikela Baker

On the two year anniversary of her last knee surgery in November 2019, Mickey had the word “REBORN” tattooed a half an inch above the scar on her left knee. To this day she finds her confidence shaken by spurts of knee pain. A simple peek at the tattoo reminds her that God has healed her. This injury was a gift. A little pain has nothing on Him. 

Photo Credit: Mikela Baker

During the time between her injury and “REBORN,” Mickey found herself rededicating her future to one on God’s path. A teenage girl does not hold much influence over the world, but each girl has one undeniable tool on her side: social media. A life with Christ is rich and fulfilling, but at times it can be scary. In the United States, using the internet to be consistently vocal about Christ is not a common practice among teenagers. However, the Bible does not instruct modern day Christians to stay silent and mask the essence of their religion. Christians are called to be vessels delivering the message of His boundless love to those in our circle of influence. This is the inspiration for the tattoo of the word “vessel” that sits on Mickey’s right forearm. She engaged all platforms of her life to serve as a source of the Word. Even if that meant risking persecution or judgement from her peers and online friends. God is with her. 

Also featured in this photo is a vine tattoo completed on the same day she got the cross. Both tattoos are stick-and-poke tattoos. Photo Credit: Mikela Baker

Before dance, coffee, or any relationship, she knows Christ as her first love. A cross sits between her second and third knuckle on her left ring finger. Christ’s love lives fervently through Mickey’s actions as permanent as her tattoos and as tenacious as the marble of the Redini Pieta.  

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