Tattoos and Their Owners

Peyton P.

For generations, pinky promises have symbolized the most honorable degree of trust. For Peyton P. they also bring back memories of holding her mother’s pinky as they say

“Secret club!”

Swiftly followed by a secret or exciting news from their day. For a young girl, this level of connection is only to be shared with best friends. 

When she moved to New York City at age 18, Peyton began cooking up the idea for a tattoo. At the beginning of 2019, she pitched the idea to her parents: a black tattoo with rather delicate lines to form two hands locking pinkies. It’s her version of “Mom” encased in a heart. 

At first her parents were hesitant, wondering, “how would you cover it up?” Luckily Peyton studies media, culture, and the arts with a concentration in film. Her workplace embraces all forms of art! Slowly, they came around and in October 2019 Peyton went in for her tattoo.

Photo Curtesy: Peyton Price

Her friend Morgan accompanied her to stress–pizza beforehand. Perhaps she was even more jittery than Peyton. Nonetheless, a good friend can settle any nervous stomach. While sitting in the parlor chair, Peyton kept her eyes closed tight for the whole appointment. It has taken time to become used to seeing a tattoo on her arm, but it always fills her with confidence in the three measures of a promise.


Peyton considers trustworthiness to be one of the most important values in a friend or family member. Follow through with what you say you will do. 


God has made promises to his children and He fully intends on seeing them through.


In one particular instance, her mom caught a glimpse of the tattoo in the middle of a heated debate with Peyton. Where the conversation could have promptly ended with no resolution, the pinky promise served as a reminder that their relationship is worth settling their conversation until they both had closure. That day, her tattoo strengthened their relationship. 

Peyton spent over a year designing her tattoo. Even though it packed so much significance into one drawing, she didn’t anticipate the positive impact one tattoo could bare as she, her family, and her friends remember and shape their relationships.

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