Tattoos and Their Owners

10 influencers: What inspired Your Tattoo?

Students at The King’s College are eager to share their tattoo stories. In the coming weeks, their stories will continue to be shared on this blog. Far more students volunteered than I expected. After listening to their stories, I can see why. The people, places, and events that inspired their tattoos are worth bragging about.

Photo Credit: Peyton Price

1. Home

Tia M. has two tattoos, a wave and an anchor. Both bring her comforting reminders of her home in Myrtle Beach and the ocean.

Corinne B. has the Minneapolis skyline as seen from the highway 35 W north.

2. Family

Alex K. picked out the wildflowers that her grandparents and mom love so dearly. It connects her to her favorite people who act as her rocks.

Peyton P. has her version of a <mom3 tattoo on her arm. It’s two fingers locked in a pinky promise, that reminds her of how her relationship with her mom has grown since their first pinky promise.

Mickey B. has an ‘A’ on her arm for her sister, Alex. The two of them planned this tattoo for years and it reminds her of their adventure in Ireland.

Sydney W. has a quotation mark on her hip to mark the year she and her family united to battle her depression. When she sees them, she feels safe, brave, and loved.

3. Books

Draven H. designed his tattoo, a pine tree with his favorite quote. “is it better to speak or die” from the book Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman. When he is given mountains to move, he looks at his arm and musters up the courage to do the next truthful thing.

Abby T. has Smaug from her favorite book, The Hobbit. After one of her hardest semesters, he reminds her that “darkness is only a passing thing and the sun will always shine again.”

Photo Credit: Abby Tilly

4. Religion

Dominique L. has “70X7” representing the number of times Jesus tells us to forgive someone.

Sydney W. has a black sheep partly representing the parable of the lost sheep.

5. Art

Mickey B. has a rendition of Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà on her left bicep, crawl by her tattoo artist.

Alex K. has Michelangelo’s The creation of Adam hand on her forearm to represent the latin phrase “memento mori.”

Photo Credit: Alex Kemsley

6. Life Lessons

Tattoos can serve as reminders for the beautiful values we need to think about more.

Corinne B. has the word “agapé” to symbolize her self love and God’s unconditional love.

Mickey B. has the word “vessel” to encourage her. to serve as a vessel for God’s boundless love.

7. Nicknames

Shannon M. has a peach to match her childhood nickname, “Peaches.”

8. Friendships

Shannon M. and her friends have matching bumble bee tattoos to always have their friends close by, even when they’re across the country.

9. Online Influencers

There’s a lot of hidden artwork on Pinterest and other ends of the internet that takes a keen eye and a lot of hunting.

Alex K. found inspiration for two of her tattoos from the internet. She found a thin style “XOXO” and a fire symbol on Pinterest.

Photo Credit: Alex Kemsley

10. Music

Mickey B. has the word “Reborn” inspired by the first song she danced to after her knee surgeries, “Reborn” by

Sydney W. has a black sheep (also mentioned above in religion) partly inspired by a song lyric by one of her favorite groups, Bonelag, “the city is a meadow, the people are the sheep” (Song: Mushroom Moon)

Photo Credit: Sydney Watson

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