Tattoos and Their Owners

Quarter Life Crisis: Tattoos and Podcasts

College is the time for reinvention. A few years in New York City have given way to wisdom and many opportunities to grow. 

The unfortunate corner many college students find themselves backed into is the infamous quarter life crisis.

According to psychologists, “a quarter-life crisis is a crisis “involving anxiety over the direction and quality of one’s life” which is most commonly experienced in a period ranging from a person’s early twenties up to their mid-thirties.”

People often react in one of two ways: they show it or they share it.

How does this happen? For a lot of young adults, tattoos and podcasts!

Weird combination, right? Like I said earlier, people often show their lives or share it. If you’re going to take either of these roads, let me humor you for a moment before you hit the internet with your opinions or your skin with permanent ink.

A good friend and fellow King’s student, James G., runs his own blog, The Weatherman Experiment, in which he provides insightful advice about starting, managing, and enjoying your own podcast.

James and I recommend using your drastic decision to reflect on the epiphanies of your quarter life crisis to inspire a meaningful creation.

If you want to show it

A lot of young adults pick a tattoo. Dominique L. considers her tattoo to be her first independent decision as an adult. Without pressure from friends or family, she saved every penny herself. All research was completed at headquarters –being her laptop– until she had every detail of her design down pat. A message that weighed in her heart in her own “coming of age” story; 70 X 7. The number of times Jesus tells Peter to forgive someone.

While this is certainly NOT a crisis story, Dominique shows diligence in moving through a permanent decision with grace and reflection. If you’re going to flaunt it, make it beautiful, intentional, and do it just for you.

If you want to share it

In his piece, “Engagement is Not the End Goal,” James writes about the importance of loving his podcast for the sake of creating a podcast, not for the ratings. Podcasts are a wonderful way to open up your opinion bank and talk about whatever makes your heart tick. Be it sports, food, coffee, books, the marvel series, or your favorite phase of the moon. Fulfillment came from preparing for each podcast, sitting and recording in the studio, and spending time with his co-podcasters. 

Podcasts are a great platform to pick through your own brain and share the most  meaningful parts.

When you’re overwhelmed by all the things you don’t know, the best remedy is to focus on what you can control.

Check out The Weatherman Experiment to learn more about how to start a podcast!

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