Tattoos and Their Owners

Draven H.

On scraps of paper from Draven H.’s middle school years, he composed three elements of a tattoo design. This creation was in the works for years as he persevered through multiple schools, mental health obstacles, and mending relationships. After 7 years, it was time to complete the capstone of his childhood. His brainchild of a tattoo came into being in April, 2019 at Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn.

After a year, his tattoo still looks new. Through dips in anxiety and discomfort, moving his fingers along the lines of the tattoo reminds him why it’s there; to embrace the important aspects of his character that enable him to endevor still.

A moon, the source of light in an otherwise dark sky. A pine tree, that shows its colors and survives the most bitter winters. The quote, “is it better to speak or die” serves as a voice telling him to remain confident in his own principles and to do the next truthful thing.

Photo Credit: Draven Haefs

Draven is a bright and zealous extrovert, often found working in or working for coffee shops. An artist, a photographer, and a volleyball coach, there are very few corners of the earth he hasn’t dabbled in. A man with many talents grounds himself with intentional and calculated decisions.

Draven firmly believes tattoos are a way of glorifying the human body. Though spontaneous tattoos make for great stories, he advises rookies to make sure your tattoo reflects what is important, not what is fleeting in this season of life. For that reason, all new ink should be seen as an investment. He chose Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour because it came highly recommended by others. Though it is harder to book an appointment, that time is valuable and allows you to meditate over your tattoo a little longer. He brought his friend Mickey with him because she understood the many facets of his tattoo. He recommends taking a friend, but only if they recognise the significance of your decision. That way, when you leave the shop you’ll be ready to celebrate.

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