Tattoos and Their Owners

Tia M.

It’s Friday the 13th. The first of two within 4 months. For 6 hours, rain poured down the streets of New York. Tia M. and her pal Grace waited in line outside Red Ink Tattoo Studio as an enthusiastic employee surveyed the line. He ran around in Gucci shoes, showing the crowd their flash sheet. Tia already had an idea in mind. She wanted to see the ocean again.

Photo Credit: Tia McCord

Tia is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Her happiest memories of this small vacation town involve trips to the beach and adventures among tourists. She thought of tattoos as personal motifs and she wanted one of her own to remind her of home.

Photo Credit: Tia McCord

It was time for home! No more homesickness. The very next day she flew home for Christmas break. But the city was quiet. Since Myrtle Beach is a summer town, she wasn’t able to embrace the full, authentic, Myrtle-Beach-experience that she had been itching for all semester. She went straight from the plane to church and saw her friends and family. Anyone who knows Tia was not the least bit surprised that she picked a wave for her first tattoo. Everyone except her sister, whose rollercoaster of emotions went a little bit like, 

“That’s SO cool! I always knew you would want one! I love you and it’s beautiful! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME SOONER?!”

During the entirety of break, her friends and family were supportive of her tattoo, no matter their opinions of tattoos themselves. As she boarded the plane to return to New York, there was a lingering feeling that wasn’t quite fulfilled while she was home. How can you miss a place you haven’t even left yet? Unable to overcome the desire to spend more time in South Carolina, she pulled out a book to distract herself. Her sleeve slipped when she turned the page and flashed her tattoo. Almost instantly, she felt a wave of comfort. No matter how far away she travelled, she can always see the ocean.

Red Ink Tattoo Studio’s flash sheet. Photo Credit: Tia McCord

If you’re not familiar, tattoo parlors will often offer $13 tattoos on Friday the 13th. A flash sheet is a paper with the designs that are available during the sale due to the ridiculously high demand. On March 13th, Red Ink Tattoo Studio had another sale and Tia was prepared. This time she only waited 3 hours in line. She picked an anchor off the flash sheet, another popular symbol used for decor around Myrtle Beach. 

$13 tattoos are a great choice for girls like Tia, who want a small design at a reasonable price. All tattoo studios have a minimum price you must pay for a tattoo even if you pick the world’s tiniest tattoo. Friday the 13th sales are a great way around paying the minimum. But Tia advises anyone looking at these sales to pick a high quality studio. Her tattoos are so small that each line matters. Red Ink Tattoo Studio is well known and highly praised around New York City.

Tia still misses home. But homesickness is a little easier when she can see the ocean whenever she wants.

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