Tattoos and Their Owners

Alex K.

“Memento mori”

Latin for “remember you will die.”

It’s not as morbid as you think. 

This ideology became famous during the renaissance. As the plague swept Europe, Christians assured one another that their wealth and stature in their mortal lives paled in comparison to the paradise waiting for them in Heaven. 

It also resonated with Alex K. On her left forearm is her very own rendition of The Creation of Adam. A thin line tattoo, with the hands of Adam and God, except God’s hand is that of a skeleton. Its message reminds her of what she is capable of creating when she keeps her aims and goals grounded in her faith. 

Funny thing about tattoos, they’re addictive. Which is why, within one year, Alex collected 4 tattoos. She eagerly waited for her first tattoo since she was very young.

On the day after her 18th birthday, Alex K. finally had her first tattoo: her mom’s, grandma’s, and grandpa’s favorite flowers bound together. This wildflower bouquet had lived in her mind since the beginning of her senior year of high school. With her mom and friend Caden by her side, she stamped on a tattoo inspired by the most important people.

Photo Credit: Alex Kemsley

Even though tattoos weren’t taboo in her family, they are in the modeling world. Before going to shoots, she had to make sure her tattoo was hidden. Which is why she chose to place it on her hip. 

After she retired from modeling, she was granted a new freedom to collect all the tattoos she wanted. Recall how I said tattoos were addictive earlier, well Alex slowly went mad while sitting through a 4-hour appointment for her friend’s first tattoo. Luckily, the artist had extra time and let Alex pick a small tattoo in the spur of the moment.

Photo Credit: Alex Kemsley

Alex’s last tattoo was also a spontaneous decision. She and her best friends, Natalie and Olivia, hit the streets of New York City. It comes to no surprise that Alex is a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and a woman of her spirit would certainly be inspired by the Fire Nation’s energy and ferocity. Just above her right elbow is a flame in red and black ink

While Alex loves her impromptu visits to the studio, she recognizes that this isn’t for everyone.

“It doesn’t have to have meaning but you’re always going to remember the story behind it. So for the two I didn’t plan it’s not so much about what’s on my skin but what’s behind it… I enjoyed that time with those people so much and I’m never going to forget that.”

Wild, spontaneous, grounded, fiery. 4 very different tattoos do a fine job of summing up 1 dynamic woman.

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